Internet para todos 02 Organizaciones, Tecnologías y Servicios

00:00 Intro y musiquita
01:59 Bienvenida

Organizaciones de Internet
02:51 Vista general de organizaciones de Internet
05:06 Ecosistema de organizaciones de Internet
05:39 ICANN – Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
06:52 IANA – Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
08:07 ISOC – Internet Society
09:16 IETF – Internet Engineering Task Force

09:59 Grupos de operadores de red, NANOG, LACNOG, NLNOG
NANOG en YouTube

10:57 PIT y IX

13:17 PeeringDB

14:05 Carriers ISP – Tier 1, 2 y 3

15:39 Ranking CAIDA de carriers ISP

16:21 Tecnologías de acceso de última milla
17:03 xDSL
18:00 Cablemódem
18:37 Fibra óptica
19:04 Wireless
19:38 LTE/4G/5G
20:19 Satélite / vSAT / Starlink
20:53 Dial-Up

Protocolos utilizados en Internet
21:09 Resumen de protocolos
21:21 IP
21:55 TCP, UDP
22:57 QUIC
23:50 DNS, BGP, ICMP
24:36 SSL/TLS

Servicios de Internet
25:01 Tipos de servicios
25:17 DNS
25:37 NTP
26:06 Email
28:28 FTP
28:46 HTTP

27:44 Fin y musiquita

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Introduction to NetOps

I am glad to have been invited to participate in the Introduction to NetOps course dictated by the ISOC. This course is a major step getting people involved in network automation and Unix/Linux/BSD technologies.

The Internet Society (ISOC) was founded in 1992 by a number of people involved with the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and provides an organizational home for and financial support for the Internet standards process.

The Internet Society supports the work of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) to create open standards for the Internet.